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The main difference(s) between a CISC and a RISC processor is/are that a RISC processor typically

  1. has fewer instructions
  2. has fewer addressing modes
  3. has more registers
  4. is easier to implement using hard-wired logic
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2 Answers

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Naswer is B and C

It support fixed length instruction. Not fewer instruction

It has less no addressing modes-- true

It has more register -- true

It is easier to implement using hardwired control logic -- False . Hradwired control logic is implemented inSOP form . Even a slight modification would require the whole circuit to redesign . It is faster but not easier
answered by Loyal (9.9k points)
@arjun sir : This wrong answer again selected !
Any reference to show that RISC does not have fewer instructions? Fixed size indirectly reduces the no. of possible instructions.

"It is easier to implement using hardwired logic" - The comparison is with CISC instructions only- that is relative easiness.

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