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In the given two diagrams one from made easy and another from KLP Mishra book.

(1) in this diagram, type 3 or regular language  and its related automata is Finite Automaton.

(2) in this diagram, Finite Automaton is both for Regular or type3 and Context-free or type2. corresponding arrow is connected with context-free box.

(1) Diagram

(2) Diagram

So what is the correct relations among languages and the corresponding automata?

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The diagram in KLP Mishra has a design mistake. Finite State Machines are capable of accepting only Regular Languages.
But the diagram in KLP Mishra say that FA are also capable of accepting CFL. see carefully diagram FA arrow meet with CFL box.

I mistook the label of images. Fixed my comment. Doesn't change the fact anyway. Refer this Wikipedia page, if that is confusing you.

Please don't refer KLP Mishra, it has many errors. Follow some standard book, like Ullman or Peter Linz.
print mistake in diagram 2

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Print Mistake in 2nd Diagram. First One is Correct.
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