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1): if L = a*b* then how come L' (L complement) = b*

2) if L = a*b* then L' = a^nb^n 

3) L = a*b* how can we find its complement. 


By doing questions on RL, its all messed up in my head.

asked in Theory of Computation by Loyal (8.1k points) | 35 views
From where are you drawing these conclusions?

Example: If A is a language producing a*b* then,

                Complement of A is (sigma)* - a*b*

                Meaning removal of strings produced by A from all set of symbols.
L' = (a+b)*ba(a+b)* ??
L' in that question does not mean compliment. It is just another symbol.

Oh man. you're right, that answer is beyond my understanding. 

But if it helps you may refer this : 

Please let me know if you find something.

@Arjun Ok that makes sense.

@Arjun Sir, you're such a Saviour. I was reeking my head thinking L' is a complement. Thank you!

@Warlock lord  Thanks mate! 

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