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4 channel are using a link. Length of input slot is 2 bits and length of 1 frame is 0.5 ms.Now find out bandwidth of link
asked in Computer Networks by Loyal (4.3k points) | 40 views

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length of slot = 2 bits & length of frame = 0.5 ms ??
If it would be the other way instead then
let every station needs 'x' bps as bandwidth ,then in 0.5 ms with 'x' bps the station would transmit 2 bits of frame (not realistic though)  which can be written as    x*(0.5*10^-3)=2
it will give x= 4 kbps.
But there are 4 stations, thus link bandwidth must be at least =4*4= 16 kbps...
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what is ms??  how unit of length is ms?

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