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In Dynamic Loading:- We load the particular module into the main memory when it is needed.

In Demand Paging:- We load the particular page into the main memory when it is needed.

Both don't seems to be same??
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Yes they do the same thing technically speaking. They both retrieve something they need at will.

I guess the name differs where you use it :P

Dynamic loading for loading and retrieving library and packages from system level. And demand paging for loading in pages at will.
"loading and retrieving library and packages from system level" also retrieved in page wise manner.

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may be its differentiated based on taken from physical memory or virtual memory

sorry if i dont make sense
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Dynamic Loading is simply a concept in which a software is written in such a way that when it is packaged to be sent to production (for eg. in a .exe or .jar or .apk ) then any library which is required at runtime is not packaged inside.

Simplest example is in Java when you connect Java to MySQL then you write:-


Here we connect to the com.mysql.jdbc.Driver Library which is required to be present in the production environment.

Refer here:-

Demand Paging is a concept in totally totally different context. It simply means caching (bringing) the process' page kept in HDD to RAM --> ON DEMAND. -> i.e. on MMU's demand. 

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