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GATE1999-18 [closed]

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Design a 2K $\times$ 8 (2048 locations, each 8 bit wide) memory system mapped at addresses (1000)$_{16}$ to (17FF)$_{16}$ for the 8085 processor using four 1K $\times$ 4 memory chips. Each of these chips has the following signal pins:

  1. $\overline{CS}$ (Chip select, data lines are in high impedance state when it is 1)

  2. $\overline{RD}$ (0 for read operation)

  3. $\overline{WR}$ (0 for write operation)

  4. $A_0, A_1, \dots A_9$ (input address lines. $A_0$ is the lest significant)

  5. $D_0, D_1, D_2, D_3$ (bi-directional data lines. $D_0$ is the least significant)

closed with the note: out of syllabus now
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