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L={ W(W^r) , W ∈ (a,b)* }

W^r is reverse of W.

Is it a regular language ?

please Explain.
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No. You can check it using pumping lemma.
It is CFL. A nondeterministic pda can accept it.

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wwR is CFL.

  • NPDA can simulate it.
  • It cannot be simulated by DPDA. 
  • It is not regular.

NB : wxwR is regular

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wxwR is regular only if w,x both belong to (a,b)*, right? If x belongs to some other element group then it will not be regular.


@warlock lord Check here more such questions.

Yes that is what I meant to ask if w belongs to (a,b)* but x belongs to (c,d)*.. will it still be regular?

I'm just pointing out that "wxwR" is not simply regular. It has to belong to the same symbol group
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