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if the subnet mask is

which of the following can be DBA of subnet.




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Option B
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Hey why not C? Isn't both B and C right?
Given subnet mask is  11111111.11111111.11111111.11100000

The first 27 bits belong to the network here .Free bits are last 5 bits which are Host id bits. To get DBA we need to make the host bits all 1's .

Here host bits are 5 . so make allo of them as 1. This gives 11111=31
But doesn't the subnet mask the network in subnets this case into - 31 and - 63 and so on...... ?
As u said to get 63 we need  --111111 but here the first 3 bits are fixed . you cannot do anything on the first 3 bits .So we can only use the remaining 5 bits
What I mean is if a subnet mask is applied on, it means that the ip address can be subnetted into groups of 32 ip's (2^5)
In this case will have has DBA
In the case of, will be the DBA

Correct me if I'm wrong
yes , u r correct . It was my mistake . Thank you Bro :)

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