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Consider the following grammar

S→AaS | b

A→c | d |B

B→AgC | AhC | DgC| DhC

C→c | d | D



Which of the following are  viable prefix ?





Also find handles for this grammar?
asked in Compiler Design by Loyal (7.4k points) | 652 views

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stack content at any time is called viable prefix

Aab is a viable prefix.

ca can't be viable prefix as after c put in stack before inserting a c will reduce to A

cab also can't be viable prefix reason is same as for ca

AgCS is also not a viable prefix reson S can't be push in stack S is not a symbol in given grammar.

so ans :-option a
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a viable prefix is a prefix of a right sentential form that does not continue past the right end of the rightmost handle of that sentential form.explain this statement pls

how viable prefix and handle are related to each other ?also what are valid item in these viable prefix

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