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Imagine 2 LAN bridges, both connecting a pair of 802.4 networks.The first bridge is faced with 100 512­ byte frames per seconds that must be forwarded. The second is faced with 200 4096 ­byte frame per second. Which bridge do you think will need the faster CPU?

I know that the answer is first case but why ? Acc to me the context switches and all depends on the number of frames passing through point which is higher in second case.  So how is it that ans if first case ?
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The 100 frames/sec bridge would need a

faster CPU. Although the other one has a

higher throughput, the 100 frames/sec

bridge has more interrupts, more process

switches, more frames passed and more of

everything that needs the CPU.

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hey , he wants reason .... he already read this solution ....
small packets will cause more interrupts cause small packets will arrive faster,in less interval.
Bhai, if you compare  number of packets passing through bridges per second then, they are more in 2nd case, So as should be second case.
have you read question ?? his doubts about context switching ...?

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