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Could we always say that in case of local minima or maxima we do not consider the extreme points we only check for critical points while in case of absolute maxima we check both at end points as well as at critical point...Please correct me if I am wrong.
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If true than why b is not the solution in question

It is false

@ shivangi5

what do u mean by absolute minima?

These are all local minima or maxima

Can u tell ur question more clearly?

By the term absolute maxima I mean to say Global maxima

Please check this also

I had read that for local  minima we should not check at end points of given interval but than why we are considering here pi/4 for local minima

Also see this


shivangi5 Local maxima/minima are some points in the graph where if you restrict the domain of a particular graph  then in that particular domain they represent the respective values. But since we are not considering the entire domain we are not sure whether local minima and maxima are absolute or not ! Thus to go for we consider complete domain to find global values.

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