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In a packet switching network, if the message size is 48 bytes and each packet contains a header of 3 bytes. If 24 packets are required to transmit the message, the packet size is ________.

(1) 2 bytes         (2) 1 byte         (3) 4 bytes         (4) 5 bytes
asked in Computer Networks by Loyal (4.3k points) | 113 views

2 Answers

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Suppose we have X byte of data in packet

so packet size=x+3

and number of packet's(n=24) can be find



X=2 Bytes ,so Packet size is 2 of Bytes
answered by Veteran (12.6k points)
packet size will be 5 not 2

@ jatinkumar  if you include header in a packet size the yes it is 5 bytes.

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4) payload in each packet is 48/24=2 Byte

and header length is 3 Byte hence packet size is 3+2 Byte=5 Byte

answered by Active (1.3k points)

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