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If maximum sequence num is N then max window size is?

a) in case of selective repeat

b)in case of GBN
asked in Computer Networks by Veteran (14.9k points) | 60 views
sequence numbers for GBN start from 0 or 1??
It is not fixed from where to start the sequence number

Whenever a host wants to send data it can choose any number in between 0 to 2^32 -1

By default we start with 0 to make analysis simpler
what i assumed is
they have given the maximum value of seq num as N not the maximum possible values
so assume max value is 7
then we can assume 0 ,1 ,2,3,4,5,6,7
which is totally 8 (i.e) N+1
so should be N+1/2 for selective repeat
correct me
@Aish yes correct

If Max value of sequence no is N

SR : (N+1)/2


If maximum no of sequences are N

SR: N/2

GBN: N-1

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