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A fully associative cache memory unit with a capacity of 64KB is built using a block size of 32 words.The size of the physical address is 30 bits. The size of the tag comparator (in bits) is ____________
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word size is 8B or 16 B? should be given
Assume as 8B @sreshtha
Why 8B ? Why not 1 word = 1B
yes 8 bit
what is ans?

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It is already answered please check this link

answered ago by Loyal (3.4k points) 7 17
@ deepthi please note...the above link is based on set assosiativity

here  it is fully associative

but @ A_i_$_h

here asking for tag field

so set associtivity could be assumed.


@sreshtha when associativity is not mentioned how to consider

fully associative means the block number = tag bits

what i ahd a doubt is the block size should be converted to bits and then taken for calculation or converting to bytes is enough?
I think answer is it ??
but it asks for tag comparator

@ashwini how?


you have done BS=32 = 25

therefore 30 - 5=25 right

they have asked in bits

so shouldnt we be converting the BS to bytes and then bits and then proceed ..that my doubt


read fully associative mapping concept

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