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Consider the Boolean function, F(w, x, y, z) = wy + xy + w̅xyz + w̅ x̅ y + xz + x̅y̅z̅.
Which one of the following is the complete set of essential prime implicants?
(A) w,y,xz,x̅z̅
(B) w,y,xz
(C) y,x̅y̅z̅
(D) y,xz,x̅z

After constructing the KMAP by finding out minterms, the circled terms contribute to Essential prime implicants, but i dont' see any such options, the Answer is given D

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y,xz,x̅z is the given answer, option D

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@Hira Thakur How to decide whether to take wx horizontally or vertically here?

Both ways are correct..

But you have to place $1s$  appropriately..
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