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    Bakery algorithm ensures that no process is starved.

1.  True

2.  False
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True , Lamport Bakery Algorithm satisfies deadlock free  and starvation . We know that in Bakery Algorithm Each process is given a ticket number say (i). Now all those process which have ticket number less than i will enter and exit CS ,but for process with ticket number >i  cant enter in CS because process with ticket =i is not yet enter .

And if you think process with ticket > i can enter CS, then its not possible because of the below statement

(the concept of bakery algorithm)

∀j:j!=i:Num[j] = 0∨(NUM[j], IDj)≥(NUM[i] ,IDi)

This question has been asked indirectly In gate2016 OS . However you can refer to below video where they have explained the approach for it

by Loyal (9.9k points)
Yes it would be deadlock free and starved ftee
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