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How many clock pulses are required for giving input and taking the output of n bit Serial-in-serial-out-shift-register?
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it should be 2n-1 clocks,

it is using concept same as pipelining..

first bit will take n clocks, remaining n-1 bits will take 1 clock each..

total = n+n-1 = 2n-1 clocks
hi sir,
For Giving Input 'n' clock pulse
And  Taking Output 'n-1' clock pulse.
Is it what you want to say ?
2n-1. After n clock pulses 1st bit is at output.After that n-1 more needed to get remaining n-1 at output

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For a serial in serial out shift register, for n bits

For input : n clock pulses are required

For output: n-1 clock pulses are required.

So total 2n-1 clock pulses
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