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What is the difference between the following two expressions, conceptually and  in terms of relational algebra ?

1. names of girl students with more marks than some boy student
2. names of girl students with marks not less than some boy students

Can someone please give an example to illustrate the difference.

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3 Answers

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Just resolve the sentence using discrete maths...

x: Girl student

y: Boy student

f(z): marks of student z

then 1- {x|∃y(f(x)>f(y)}

2- {x|∄y(f(x)<f(y)}

thus the first query means select the girl whose mark is greater than any one of the the boy student( it has to be greater than minimum of the marks of boy students)

and second query means to select the girl whose marks are not less than any boy student (i.e. on negation it becomes that girls marks are greater than every boy student) thus the marks of girl should be greater than maximum marks of the boy students.
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1ST MEANS name of those girls whose marks is more than at least one boy

2nd means name of those girls whose marks is not less than at least one boy.

both  are same  i guess  but 2nd can be more or equal marks . tat is  the difference  

relational algebra depends on the reltional schema
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short and sweet answer
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after reading first two statement  
we can say both statements are same  , statement 2 is indirectly equal to first statement .
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