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Consider bandwidth of line is 100 Mbps and sequence number of field consists 32 bits on a TCP machine. How much time it will take to cover all possible sequence numbers? ________________ sec (integer value only).
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is it 343.5 sec

I think you are right. Please provide the answer. Here is the question and its answer, which I think is wrong.

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As Tcp is byte streamed protocol it means we numbered each byte transmitted.

Here Sequence field is 32 bits, So we can uniquely numbered or identify =232 Bytes

Bandwidth is 100 Mbps.

Means 100 Mb   data is transmitted in 1 sec

(108 )/8 byte     data is transmitted in 1 sec

1 byte data is transmitted in 8/108 sec

232 byte data is transmitted in  (232 *8)/108 sec=235/108 seconds

Solving it you will get 343.597 seconds

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