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How many memory cycles are required with following Addressing modes?

1. Indirect mode : 2

2. Absolute mode :1

3.Indexed Mode : Confusion here as offset is a constant so according to me it should be there in memory so 1 clock cyle to fetch constant and one for the Effective address so should it be 2.


4.Relative mode : 1 machine cycle

5. Register indirect mode : 1 machine cycle

Am i right ?

and local variables mostly  uses direct addressing mode right ?
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Indexed AM requires just 1 memory access.

2 Answers

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In Direct Addressing / Absolute Mode the operand is specified in memory address(memory location) along with the Opcode.
And if by "Machine Cycles"  you mean Memory Reference then you might be wrong in case of  Indexed mode as memory is accessed just once  , as Index Register is in CPU , so memory reference should to be 1.


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Register Indirect Will take 2 cycle .
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No register indirect take only one memory reference because first address stored in register

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