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Consider the following set of equations


This set

  1. has unique solution
  2. has no solution
  3. has finite number of solutions
  4. has infinite number of solutions
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A|B matrix will be given as -

$\begin{bmatrix} 1 &2 &0 &|5 \\ 4& 8 &0 & |12 \\ 3& 6 & 3 & |15 \end{bmatrix}$

After the row-operations -   R3->R3-3R1  and


We obtain the matrix -

  $\begin{bmatrix} 1 &2 &0 &|5 \\ 0 & 0& 0& |8\\ 0& 0 & 3 & |0 \end{bmatrix}$

Now since, $Rank(A)\neq Rank(A|B)$

Hence, this is an inconsistent solution, that is, no solution.
@shweta how did you get 0000 oin the last row?
After performing row operation R3 -> R3 - 3R1
how 3 -0=0?
My mistake it should be 3. I edited it.

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There are no solutions.

If we multiply 1st equation by 4, we get

4x + 8y = 20

But 2nd equation says

4x + 8y = 12

Clearly, there can not be any pair of (x,y), which satisfies both equations.
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I am getting rank of augmented matrix as 3 as well as rank of A =3 so according to this condition there must be a unique solution , although it shouldn't exist but then how can it contradict ?
Rank of A is not 3. Recheck your method.
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The rank of augemented matrix(|AB|=3) and coefficient matrix|A|=2 is not same! hence there is no solution.


answered by Boss (17.3k points)
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First transformed the matrix into echelon form and rest can seen from the pic.

answered by Loyal (9.2k points)

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