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In the below diagram which solution is correct and why ?

asked in Theory of Computation by Active (2.1k points) | 57 views

1 Answer

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first solution is correct for the given language.

In second solution, after getting equal no. of a's and b's, you can able to put only one 'c' .

In general second solution is accepting = {a^n b^n c d | n>0}

answered by Loyal (7.5k points)
Hi Akash, I think if we add on emore transition to Solution 2 (i.e. c,c/cc) to state 2 then both the solutions are correct. And i will go with 2nd one as it will be minimal PDA.

Well both the solutions will be correct after adding this transition. What do you think?
Yes, It was a real confusion and i also got confused while solving .

@habibkhan plz give ur views .

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