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Consider the function $y=|x|$ in the interval $[-1, 1]$. In this interval, the function is

  1. continuous and differentiable
  2. continuous but not differentiable
  3. differentiable but not continuous
  4. neither continuous nor differentiable
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4 Answers

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$(b)$ $y$ is continuous but not differentiable at $x=0$ as left hand limit will be negative while the right hand limit will be positive but for differentiation, both must be same.
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$y = |x| = \begin{Bmatrix} x & x\geqslant 0 \\ -x& x< 0 \end{Bmatrix}$

$y' = \begin{Bmatrix} 1 & x\geqslant 0 \\ -1& x< 0 \end{Bmatrix}$

continuous but not differentiable at x = 0

answered by Loyal (9.7k points)
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answer is b) continuous but not differentiable  ....because at x=0 this function is not differentiable
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