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The number of functions from an $m$ element set to an $n$ element set is

  1. $m + n$
  2. $m^n$
  3. $n^m$
  4. $m*n$
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No of functions: $(size of set 2)^{size of set 1}$

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No. of functions from an $m$ element set to an $n$ element set is $n^m$ as for each of the $m$ element, we have $n$ choices to map to, giving $\underbrace{n \times n \times \dots n}_{m \text{ times}} = n^m$.

PS: Each element of the domain set in a function must be mapped to some element of the co-domain set.
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It should be m^n..Please clarify

Let set A contains m element and set B contains n elements and we have to map from A to B. Then for every elements of A we have n choices to map to, and think recursively that 1st element we have n choice,  again for the 2nd element of A we have n choice and if we continue like this then every element of A has n choices. So n*n*n*n*n*n*..........upto m times will generate n^m. Like we write 2*2*2*2 = 2^4. i hope this clear your doubt.

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ans(c)  m which is domain and n which is co-domain

so number of functions = $co-domain^{domain }$

so $n^{m}$
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ans: C
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