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Suppose L is a regular language of all a's and b's where the number of a's is divisible by m and the number of b's is divisible by n. If M is the minimal DFA accepting language L, then what is the number of states in M ? Is it nm or (n+1)(m+1) ?
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It is n*m

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answered by Boss (13.8k points)
In such questions where we the number of states in minimal DFA are asked, do we have to count the trap state also?
yes we will count the trap state also it is not NFA it DFA for invalid string there will be a trap state if u remove that ur ans will be wrong
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Finite automata is capable of performing modular counting. By saying mod2 it means it has seen 2 inputs for the same. Similarly for xmodn, means n states required.   So, n*m.
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X mod n means n states are required.

So, n*m. What is m? Please explain.

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