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In serial communication employing $8$ data bits, a parity bit and $2$ stop bits, the minimum band rate required to sustain a transfer rate of $300$ characters per second is

  1. $2400$ band
  2. $19200$ band
  3. $4800$ band
  4. $1200$ band
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Since stop bit is given it is asynchronous communication and $1$ start bit is implied. So, 

$\text{(8 + 2 + 1 + 1) * 300 = 3600 bps}$

Minimum band rate required would be $4800$ here. 

Correct Answer: $C$

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What is Band Rate?
Data is traveling through a medium. You can say "band rate" is the width of the medium or the amount of bits per second the medium can carry.

How 4800 is coming?

Because they asking for minimum but 3600 is not the option show that we will take lowest one which is 4800.

why we are multiplying (300 characters/sec) with the bits..i am not getting dimensionally..?

@dhruvkc123 : Because for one character you need 12 bits then how many bits you will need for 300 characters?

Its 12*300=3600bits right.
0 it..thnx for your explanation
Is start bit present in synchronous communication?
So here bandwidth is 3600?
NO, For synchronous transmission, data is not transferred byte-wise so there are no start-
or stop bits indicating the beginning or end of a character. Instead, there is a continuous
stream of bits which have to be split up into bytes.
plz explain how you got 4800 ....???
3600 is the actual answer but it is not given in the options, hence we took the next bigger option.

@Arjun Please highlight, in your answer, why $4800$ is chosen when the actual answer comes out to be $3600$. This point is evident when going through the comments above, but in GO PDF, it is really very confusing to comprehend.

please anyone mention in ans

Baud rate in Synchronous and Asynchronous communication.
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Transfer rate = Baud rate * (data bits/total bits)

300 * 8 = B * (8/12)

B = 3600

2400 < 3600 < 4800

4800 baud.

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