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Which of the following  Super Computers is the fastest super computer.

1. sun way taihulight

2. titan

3. piz daint

4. sequoia
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Sunway Taihulight
Sunway Taihulight has been named as the world’s fastest supercomputer title, as per recently released semiannual Top 500 list of supercomputers. It is developed by the China’s National Research Centre of Parallel Computer Engineering and Technology (NRCPC). Taihulight can perform 93 quadrillions calculations per second (petaflop/s). It is intended for use in research and engineering including climate, weather, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and data analytics. The TOP 500 list is considered one of the most authoritative rankings of the world’s supercomputers. It is compiled on the basis of the machines’ performance on the Linpack benchmark by experts from U.S. and Germany.

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