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The solution for the recurrence:


T(n) = T(n-1) + T(n-2) + 1

a. log(n) <= T(n)=n

b. n<=T(n)<=n2

c. n2 <= T(n)<= 2n

d. 2n <= T(n) <=n!

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I think it should be c.
yes c
fibonacci recurrence, will be O(2^n) ,multiple times you will be calling same problem again and again.
didn't get u
the recurrence is that which generates fibonacci sequences,it is just that it calculates same subproblem many no of times that is why its complexity is exponential(just a thought which came in as I was reading dynamic programming,maybe you know this already....:)) can draw a recursion tree to see why it happens so.

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n <= T(n)<= 2n



I think this is the answer and in fib series 1 is not there because, not combining at all in fib series.

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