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The output of moore machine will always have start state output as prefix? True/False?
in Theory of Computation by Boss | 193 views
no, it is not necessary.

it will give start state output as prefix only if input is epsilon or there is loop transition on start state..
but epsillon is Anyways prefix of every string?
it seems right , because in moore m/c , even without consuming any i/p , first state will produce it's o/p.


i think in moore machine, when the transition to some state happens, the output corrsponding to that state is produced..

so if initial has output associated with it, that output will be printed only if transition to initial state happens from some state including transition from initial state itself.

ok, @Rupendra,

finally got, moore machine produce K+1 length output for K length input, start state ouput will always be present as prefix of every output generated..

thankyou @Rupendra @Rahul.
What about when the i/p is only ebsilon?

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