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Consider bandwidth of line is $100$ Mbps and the sequence number of the field consists $32$ bits on a TCP machine. How much time it will take to cover all possible sequence numbers? ________________ sec (integer value only).

Mine was $ 343.59$, so $344$ but my answer is wrong.
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I am getting 343.59

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i m getting 327.68.

why u take ceil value?
Sir answer is 328 Plz Share the Solution
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32 bit for sequence number means total 2^32 sequence numbers possible.

In tcp one sequence number given for every byte.

time taken = (2^32 *8)bits /( 100*2^20)bps =327.68
Sir why didnt u take 1Mbps as 10^6 if u do that answer is 343.59 ,Now how to decide when to use which?
Actually Bandwidth is always in powers of 10 and data in powers of 2.

what does 1kbps means 1024 bits per sec approximated to 10^3 bits.

               1Mbps means 2^20  bits per sec approximated to 10^6 bits.

i am using the exact value and also it is easy to solve ques.

so use the exact value whenever possible.

Sir I'm confused now.

As when we talk about internal things like memory,data i.e. within a system se we take in powers of 2. And entity outside the system like bandwidth in powers of 10. And I also did similar wrap around questions in which they took in powers of 10. And various other question they always went for power 10.

But in this question answer came with power 2.
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Answer 327.68

MBps mega byte per second

Mbps mega bit per second


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