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Consider a router is working based on the Distance Vector Routing Algorithm. Consider the five-node network of the following figure.

Assume all nodes building distance from that node to $A$ (number of hops) and after initial set up, suddenly either $A$ goes down or the link between $A$ and $B$ is cut. What are the distance values at routers $B, C, D,$ and $E$ which they will find from node $A$ after $3^{rd}$ exchange?

$(A) B - 3, C - 4, D - 5, E - 4$

$(B) B - 5, C - 4, D - 5, E - 4$

$(C) B - 4, C - 5, D - 4, E - 5$

$(D)$ None

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This video explains the same question. Have a look if you need.

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Option B

In third exchange B value is less than C so it definitely increase it by 1
C=4 remain same
D=4+1=5(D update it's value using neighbor's value)
E=4  remain same because its neighbor's value is 3
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