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Answer is 4??

4 Answers

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I think we need  4 tables.

3 tables for 3 entities and one for multivalued attribute Ph_no in 1st entity.

table 1:  Code , Name, Addr .

table 2:  Code, Ph_no.

table 3:  Branch No, Code, Addr, Bank name

table 4:  Loan_no, amount, type, Branch No.
answered by Junior (581 points)
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@pradeepdeepu why can't we combine the table 3 and table 4 since the database need to satisfy just 1NF.
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I think we need 5 tables. 3 for 3 entities, 1 for multivalued attribute and another for the Loans relationship.
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" another for the Loans relationship " ?? not able to understand this....
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4 table is required

answered by Boss (24.2k points)
for multivalued dependency how many table more required?

1 more table, right?
1 extra is required for satisfying 2NF and above but for 1NF we need just 3 tables.
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3 tables are required since they have asked for 1NF. when given ER diagram is converted into a table, then every record contains atomic values. 

i.e. If a person has 2 phone & 2 office then that person will have 4 records, but then every record contains atomic values only. Thus relation is always in 1NF.

For 2NF and above we need 4 tables.

Read here:

Another good read:

answered by Loyal (8.4k points)

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