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Going through both the question I am a bit Confused with the logic of when to take  the buffers in pipeline or not.. 

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are you trying to say STALL cycle??

I am also having the same doubt for few weeks. I asked it over here:

Read through all the comments in both the GATE questions. Especially by Arjun sir. 

In one case, we have considered multistage buffers in which the result of a stage is saved in a queue. So further instructions can use the stage. But in other, we have considered that a stage cannot be used until it's buffers are free.

What I concluded is that it's a matter of matching options. In case of numerical question I will assume interstage buffers to be queue.

Okay. going with your logic. Hope that works!! Thanx But make sure you to share  if you get any update towards this

look what if have found. Just check the comment by Arjun Sir

Is this the answer to our problem?

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