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On a LAN ,where are IP datagrams transported?

  1. In the LAN header
  2. In the application field
  3. In the information field of the LAN frame
  4. After the TCP header
asked in Computer Networks by Active (2.3k points) | 3.4k views
confusing language in question
I think There no any field called as information field in LAN frame there is either Message or Payload

2 Answers

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there is nothing called as lan frame. there are ethernet frames. so if they are talking about the ethernet frame then the answer will be  c

if question is asking where the actual data is present in a ip datagram. it is after tcp header as the ipdatagram contains tcp segment. so it is like .

ip header | tcp header | data |||
answered by Boss (15.8k points)
in question they are asking about transportation therefore it should be go through network layer to data link layer and then throgh physical layer then option c should be right.
edited now check.
you mean question should be,where are actual data in IP datagrams present.can we not use LAN and ethernet interchangeably here?
lan can use any underlying frame format like if i want to use token ring insted of ethernet still it is called lan but the data may be somewhere else. we generally use ethernet in lans. but not compulsory to use that.
On a LAN Ip datagram is part of payload field of Ethernet frame,so we can say that it is transported in information field of frame.

@Tendua Is informatin field or payload field both are same thing?
In terminology, there is nothing as information field, Either it is message or payload from the above layer, If it is the message it is the real data which is present at the application layer.  Information can be anything.
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Question is not right with respect to LAN because there is no any concept regarding Lan frame format.

Yet we consider LAN as Ethernet ,then option C can be right but in Case of LAN it may be.
answered by Loyal (9.7k points)

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