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Do L attributed SDT needs to have both synthesized attributes and inherited attributes?

What if we don't have synthesized attributes but inherited attributes (IN WHICH VALUE IS TAKEN FROM LEFT SIBLING ONLY) then is it L- attributed SDT?

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i think yes still it will be L- attributed SDT, it is not necessary that  L- attributed SDT should have both synthesized attributes and inherited attributes it could have either of them or can be both

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Its not compulsion that L attributed SDT should have both synthesis and inherited at the same time means.... both synthesis and inherited  allowed...... but its not STRICT condition that they must be at the same time.....

so SDT is called L-attributed if ....

1)it may have  synthesis attributes only ...

2) it may have inherited attributes only..

3)it may contain both synthesis and inherited attributes....

ALL above are L-attribute SDTS
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if L-attributed may have  synthesis attributes only then I think it would become s-attributed.

So how to distinguish?
every S attributed is L attributed
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