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Let $L$ be a regular language and $w$ be a string in $L$. If $w$ can be split into $x, y$ and $z$ such that $|xy| \leq$ number of states in the minimal DFA for $L$, and $|y| > 0$ then,
(A) $\forall i \in N, xy^iz \notin L$

(B) $\exists i \in N, xy^iz \in L$

(C) $\forall i \in N, xy^iz \in L$

(D) $\exists i \in N, xy^iz \notin L$
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(C) $\forall i \in N, xy^iz \in L$

This is the result of Pumping Lemma for regular language
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Why you say it is a condition? It is the result of pumping lemma rt?
Yes, result. I will correct the statement. Thanks.

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