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  1. An identifier in a programming language consists of up to six letters and digits of which the first character must be a letter. Derive a regular expression for the identifier.

  2. Build an $LL(1)$ parsing table for the language defined by the $LL(1)$ grammar with productions

    $\text{Program} \rightarrow \text{ begin } d \text{ semi } X\text{ end}$

    $X \rightarrow d \text{ semi } X \mid sY$

    $Y \rightarrow \text{ semi } s Y \mid \epsilon$

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a.  $(letter)(letter+digit+\epsilon)^5$

b. Program $\rightarrow$ begin d semi $X$ end  --------------$A$

$X \rightarrow d \ semi X$  -------$B$

$X \rightarrow sY$--------------$C$

$Y \rightarrow semi \ sY$------------$D$ 

 $Y \rightarrow \epsilon$ ---------------$E$

Variable First Follow
Program begin  $
$X$ $d,s$ end
$Y$ $semi$, $\epsilon$ end

Here First$(Y)$ contains $\epsilon$ so we need to add   $Y \rightarrow \epsilon$ at follow$(Y)$ 

Variable begin $d$ semi $s$ end $
Program $A$          
$X$   $B$   $C$    
$Y$     $D$   $Y \rightarrow \epsilon$  
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How did you decide "semi" is variable or terminal?
"semi" cannot be a variable as we do not have any productions from it.

for part a) (letter)(letter+digit+epsilon)5

please edit part a.
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  $(letter)(letter + digit + epsilon)^5$
1.program ---> begin d semi X end      
2.    X -----> d semi x
3.              | sY
4.    Y ----->  semi sY
5.              | epsilon

                   begin       d       semi      s       end     $
program       1
     X                            2                      3
     Y                                       4                                5

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Given is, Programs →  begin d semi X end

 while u considered program ---> begin s end 



 Programs →  begin d semi X end

then why program ---> begin s end  is considered here

@Digvijay Pandey  entry '5' should be in 'y' row and 'end' column

How did you decide "semi" is variable or terminal?
terminals are given in small letters.
if any symbol(semi in this case) is a non terminal, then we must have it at the LHS of a production.So semi is a terminal.

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