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Merging k sorted lists of size n/k into one sorted list of n-elements using heap sort will take how much time ?

My doubt

First approach:- here it is mentioned heap sort so, heap sort will always take nlogn.and here also we have n elements and it will take nlogn.

But other method is to use heap data structure of size k and merge,it will give o(k)+(logk)*(n/k)

I think answer should be nlogn only because the second approach is not heap sort.

Please check.

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What is head data structure??
It was a typo!!
By second approach will it not be O(nlogk)????
Yes.I mentioned in question itself:)

2 Answers

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Nlogk will be ans
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I think here only merging is asked here that means asking for time required for Bulid Heap so time required O(n/k *k)=O(n)

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