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Hi Guys, 

I think provided answer is partially correct. What is your opinion ?

asked in Linear Algebra by Boss (12.2k points)
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no.. the explanation is  incorrect.. it should be y

Yes, Thanks @Red_devil

It depends on what you take x and y.

But + 6 and -6 both are possible. 


@Chhotu it depends on what you take x and y

if x=-4,y=2 then -2;

if x=4,y=-2 then 2


x= -8/2  & -y = -8/-4  ....x=-4 and y= -2   ....x+y=-6

1 Answer

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Hi Guys,

Answer could be +6 and -6. It depends on choice of X and Y.

Thanks @Red_devil

answered by Boss (12.2k points)

Chhotu  yes 6 and -6 both are possible, they have computed wrong x and y they are -4 ,2 or 2,-4

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