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Consider a situation where there are 4 processes executing using RR scheduling. The processes are arriving at different intervals of time.

Now, suppose P3 arrives when P2 is executing(before completing its quantum) then what should be scheduled next P1 or P3?

P1 ------------------- P2-------------------- ??

                                      P3 arrives

When this same situation arises in case SRTF scheduling, where Burst time of P3 is < Burst time of P1, then what should be scheduled next(after P2) P1 or P3?
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In RR scheduling execution of a process, it depends on TQ and the next process present in the ready queue.

In SRTF the selection of process is based on shortest burst time(preemptive mode)
So in case of RR: P1 will be scheduled and in case of SRTF: P3 will be scheduled. right?

In RR P1 is reschedule if P1 is having to remain some time.

in SRTF  P3 will schedule

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