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Hello! I have question regarding Gate 18. I have done mostly all subjects except OS and CO. As i am planning  to leaving as i want to start doing all gate sample papers and practise questions. If i leave those 2 subjects how much marks i am missing and how much can i get ?


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You are going to construct a human body without heart. For expected marks you can refer but I don't think anyone should leave OS, cache, pipelining and give GATE.
Can u suggest me which topics should i do from OS and CO because i want to complete Whole syllabus before 20 DEC and currently i have started CO, so OS and CO both will be left for me untouched.

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In co most of the question come from
Cache ,pipeline and addressing mode
If you do these topic you can do 80 percent of question of CO
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i am planning to do this qestions qhile solving gate question papers  sample series and in that after doing learning what i dont know and how to do that  type of sums from solutions provided. IS that good?
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