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Consider the following graph:

Which one of the following cannot be the sequence of edges added, in that order, to a minimum spanning tree using Kruskal’s algorithm? 

  1. $(a-b),(d-f),(b-f),(d-c),(d-e)$
  2. $(a-b),(d-f),(d-c),(b-f),(d-e)$
  3. $(d-f),(a-b),(d-c),(b-f),(d-e)$
  4. $(d-f),(a-b),(b-f),(d-e),(d-c)$
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First sort the edges on the basis of their weight ... Then Apply disjoint set operations ....

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In kruskal's algo the edges are added in non decreasing order of their weight. But in Option D edge $d-e$ with weight $3$ is added before edge $d-c$ with weight $2$.Hence, option D is wrong option.

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How can b-f possible??

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