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Consider the following code written in a pass-by-reference language like FORTRAN and these statements about the code. 

subroutine swap(ix,iy) 
     it = ix 
L1 : ix = iy 
L2 : iy = it 
    ia = 3 
    ib = 8 
    call swap (ia, ib+5)
    print *, ia, ib 

S1: The compiler will generate code to allocate a temporary nameless cell, initialize it to 13, and pass the address of the cell to swap 
S2: On execution the code will generate a runtime error on line L1 
S3: On execution the code will generate a runtime error on line L2 
S4: The program will print 13 and 8 
S5: The program will print 13 and -2 

Exactly the following set of statement(s) is correct: 

  1. S1 and S2 
  2. S1 and S4 
  3. S3 
  4. S1 and S5 
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Answer this question please. According to me answer should be (B) but I found it (A) on the web. Explain how could that happen . Why a run-time error may creep in !!
S1 and S4 are correct here.

@Arjun Sir || @Bikram Sir

is below its C equivalent code ?

void swap(int*,int*);
 int ia=3,ib=8;
 printf("Before Call a=%d , b=%d\n\n",ia,ib);
 printf("After Call a=%d , b=%d\n\n",ia,ib);
void swap(int *ix,int *iy)
 int *it;

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S1 and S4 are correct. There won't be any runtime error for the given code using pass by reference.
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Thanx @ Arjun for clearing this confusion.
Hi @Arjun sir , is there any typo in the question ? ia = 3 , ib = 8

so , if we pass ( &(ia) , &((ib)+5) ) , it should give 13 , 3 , right ?
The second parameter is address of a temp variable. So, ib won't be changed by swap.
ok.. thanks sir :)
@Arjun sir how r u getting ia is pass by value and only ib is pass by reference?
nopes, both are pass by reference. But ib is not passed- ib+5 is passed- which is a temp variable.
Thanks :)
hello , i am really getting confused at this statement --> call swap(ia,ib+5)

since its mentioned that they are passed by ref, so does that statement mean

1. swap(&(ia),&(b)+5) or


i guess that in C is swap(&a,&(a+5))
pls help

As states.

This is illegal at least for C++.

I even tried running the code in C++. It throws a compilation error.

@Nikhil For ib+5, reference of a temporary will be passed.

@asdfghjk You have the code you tried?

@Shubhgupta could you pls help me 

m not getting why we are considering second parameter as temp


@jk_1, because we are not passing address of ib we are passing ib+5 that will store in one temp location.


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