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A table contains $287$ entries. When any one of the entries is requested, it is encoded into a binary string and transmitted. The number of bits required is.

  1. 8
  2. 9
  3. 10
  4. Cannot be determined from the given information.
  5. None of the above.
asked in Numerical Ability by Veteran (42.4k points) | 252 views

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D should be the correct answer.

Each Entry represents a row of table,in general.

In order to encode all the information of a row/entry, we must know what is the size of that information.But it is not mentioned in the question.

We can ADDRESS 287 entries by ceiling of Log2(287) = 9 bits.

but we CAN NOT ENCODE an entry, without knowing the size of that entry

So I don't think it is possible to tell how many bits are required to encode & transmit an entry unless any information is given about the data contained in entries.

answered by Veteran (13.4k points)

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