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Work done by me :for write it will always be $100ns$ 

Now for read :$20+0.2*100=40$
Total =$0.7*40+0.3*100=58$

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in qsn given is lookaside cache, parrallel accessing will be followed, i.e for read: $0.8*20 + 0.2*100 = 36$

what you have done for read, i.e $20 + 0.2*100 = 40$(this is for look through cache.)

Please elaborate didn`t get you!
in a cache is working in look-aside mode, then parallel accessing will be done rather than hierarchical access.
Oh so its like simultaneous access? Where if its hit then its find by if its miss we access Both at the same time !

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Average memory access time =  Time spend for read + Time spend for write

= Read time when cache hit + Read time when cache miss
+Write time when cache hit + Write time when cache miss

0.7*(0.8*20 + 0.2*100) (Simultaneous read as look aside mode is given)

+ 0.3*(0.7*100 + 0.3*100) (as write through policy is used)

=25.2 + 30 = 55.2

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