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Suppose we have an encoding of a fsm ... it regular? 2.does the fsm accepts its own encoding ?
asked in Theory of Computation by Boss (14.3k points) | 202 views

Suppose we have an encoding of a fsm ... it regular? 
What is "IT" ?

2 Answers

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I guess what you mean is weather the set of encodings of all fsms is regular.

That depends on the encoding you choose, and yes we can create an ecoding such the the set of all encodings is regular.

A fsm which accepts the set of all encodings will then accept its own encoding.
answered by Active (2.5k points)
Yes sir you got the question correctly plz explain this line "That depends on the encoding you choose"
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i mean ,is the string (encoding of fsm) regular??
answered by Boss (14.3k points)
A language is a set of strings. Regularity property is for such sets. We cannot apply it to a single string. If you put that string in a set, it becomes a singleton set- which is finite and hence regular also.

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