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In CNF , S-> espilon and Start symbol can appear on RHS side of production.
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$\epsilon$ is allowed in CNF if and only if it is in the language.

$S \rightarrow aS | \epsilon$

If we tried to remove $\epsilon$ from this grammar we would lose the meaning of the grammar, as you can see the language consists $a^{n},n\geq0$. So it is not possible to remove $\epsilon$ from this grammar.

Now coming to the start symbol, most authors do not allow start symbol on the right hand side. So it's better in practice to remove start symbol from the RHS.
by Boss

Yes , Generally ,epsilon is not allowed in the CNF form of grammars but There is one exception in CNF :- If the language contains empty string then we have to make a new start symbol S' and write its production as

S' ---> S | ϵ

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