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Plz discuss every part with detailed solution with diagram .

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question is incomplete...

In case of direct addressing mode, an Effective address is directly given in an in the instruction itself. here in this question according to my understanding, the effective address is 301 because 400(actual data) is present at this address

So a should be matched with 5...

In case of immediate addressing mode, directly data will be given in instruction itself.

So b should be matched with 3...
what is the answer?

Balaji Jegan can you explain in detail?

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In the Direct Addressing Mode, the address part of the instruction is equal to the effective address. Here, the operand resides in the memory. Register address is given directly by the address field of the instruction. Hence, Effective Address = 400.

In the Immediate Addressing Mode, when the instruction is assembled, the operand comes immediately after the opcode and as such, data is a part of the instruction itself. Hence, Effective Address = 301.

In the Relative Addressing Mode, the Program Counter (PC) is the implicitly referenced register. So, the effective address is generated by adding the next instruction address to the the address field. Hence, Effective Address = 302 + 400 = 702.

In the Register Indirect Addressing Mode, the operand (which is the contents of a register) is specified by giving the name of the register (in this case, the processor register) in the instruction. Hence, Effective Address = 200.

In the Indexed Register Addressing Mode, the effective address is the sum of the contents of 2 registers. Since, R1 here acts as the index register and the address field contains the value 400, hence Effective Address = 200 + 400 = 600.

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i think it is wrong

suneetha Hi.. Could you please tell me which part do you think is wrong ???

immediate mode means the operand is directly present which doesn't need any memory reference so it is 400
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