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Consider a 16-way set associative cache which holds 64 KB of data. The size of physical address is of 40 bits. A cache block consist of 4 words. Every data word is of 32 bits. Assuming that all cache entries are initially empty and data words are word-addressable. First-In-First-Out replacement policy is used for each set. At start-up the following physical addresses (in hexadecimal) are supplied to the cache in the sequence given below :

The number of compulsory misses are ________.

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Image is missing
Thanks for pointing out. Updated!
5 compulsory misses

4 conflict
Yes 5 compulsory misses.

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size of physical address is of 40 bit size of block is 4*32  16 way set associative  so

28tag bit 8line and 4 blockoffset

so we consider on 9 bit of the given address(28+8=36/4=9) so since 16ways set associative

1,2,3 one compulsory miss

4,5,6 hit

7,8 miss

9 hit

total =3+2=5
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Memory is word addressable so why while calculating offset, we are considering byte addressable memory??

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