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Very nice question!! :)

It will be 148.
explanation is appreciated :)
Coming soon :v

Will be too big.. please have patience to go through..

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I hope i could make this clear.

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Thanks for your effort :).. i have a doubt that...

After initialization of loop we directly go in the loop how i is decremented to 4(although it's a pre decrement instruction but before 1 rst iteration we haven't encountered the inc/dec statement..)

please help ...

Yes.. you are right that we don't do the increment/decrement operation directly after initialization. But we certainly do the condition checking after initialization right?

Here the pre decrement operation is given where the condition checking is usually written. As I said the control flow should be the same i.e. for(A;B;C) the flow is

A->B->body of the loop(if B is satisfied) ->C->B->....

Here C is empty. B has the pre decrement operation. So it will be executed after initialization.

thanks @ MiNiPanda  for your effort.. it really helped:)

Welcome gari :P good to hear it helped :)

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